1. Jake is clearly protecting Olivia on Scandal, but do his motives seem to be borderline obsessive? There is a fine line between protector and stalker. 

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    He should lay off the lipstick
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    His lips gross me out. And Jake is “clearly” protecting Olivia? WTF? He put her in the hospital. All his actions have...
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    I love this post.
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    Oh I forgot one. His own boss who is now looking at him squiggle eyed. Oh yes, Karma it is a bitch Jake.
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    Three reasons for Jake to shit his pants VERY SOON: 1. Fitzgerald Grant III 2. Cyrus Rutherford Beene 3. Rainman….I mean...
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    Protecting her like how? Throwing her head against the table? Sending her to the hospital? There’s no “clearly”! He...
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    Is he wearing pink lipstick??
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    Right then come like a Bitch to the hospital room and beg for her to not tell Fitz.Nah man .
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    Choke someone out as an expression. Love and concussion do not belong in the same sentence. If he really cared he would...
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    Holy crap I didn’t even consider this!!! 0_o
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