1. Where, exactly, is Olivia Pope? You can keep trying to call, Fitz, but she might as well be filming a Corona ad based on the new Scandal Season 4 teaser.

  2. Go ahead and circle November 9 on your calendar, fans of The Newsroom. HBO has announced the premiere date for the show’s final season.

  3. What we learned in the Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale:

    • Derek evolved into a black wolf so that he can be important without being an Alpha. (I was unaware they couldn’t turn into full wolves, I just thought they chose not to…) I guess it’s pretty cool, then, that Malia can be a full coyote.
    • Kira learned to heal herself and got her first tail, made out of the obsidian in the temple. We don’t want bad guys to get that tail!
    • Scott got his groove back and handily defeated Peter without even breathing hard. He also remained kill-free.
    • Liam is the new Stiles. While Stiles used to be relegated to saying silly or stupid things, now it’s in Liam’s capable hands. And that’s as it should be. He’s a freshman, after all.
    • Being a Banshee sucks for reasons other than predicting people will die. Lydia’s always separated from her gang now. That needs to stop.
    • Lydia has a book of beasties and promised to help Parrish (who had the most incredible look on his face, right?!) discover what type he was. We swooned and hoped for more of that action.
    • Argent and Parrish working together will be missed. When they showed up to the party, cheering ensued. Anyone else?
  4. "True freedom requires sacrifice and pain. Most human beings only think they want freedom.” - Sons of Anarchy

  5. Buckle Up! Sons of Anarchy Season 7 is here!

  6. Anyone who has ever had to pose for a family photo can appreciate this shot from Modern Family.

  7. Love that life lead Linden back to Holder on The Killing.

  8. When it comes to life on The Killing, solving murders is the easy part.

  9. This is me with only one day left until an all new season of Sons of Anarchy.

  10. Don’t attempt to adjust your sets Scandal fans. When you next see First Daughter Karen Grant on Scandal Season 4, she’ll look a little different. Well, the truth is you’ll hardly recognize her. Madeline Carroll, who created the role when Karen returned from boarding school in Scandal Season 3, has been recast with Body of Proof alum Mary Mouser.

  11. Look for Klaus and Hayley to bond on The Originals Season 2. The former will be mentoring the latter in how to see revenge.

  12. Arrow Season 3 has its main nemesis. Per a network press release, Matt Nable (“Riddick”) will come on board as Ra’s al Ghul, an iconic villain from the pages of DC Comics.

  13. Frances O’Connor is set to get her fairy tale on. In news broken by Entertainment Weekly, the veteran actress will appear via flashback on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6 as Belle’s mother, Colette.

  14. Jessica Biel on New Girl: First Look

  15. Clara gets her Maid Marian on in the next episode of Doctor Who Season 8.