1. Through all the various costumes and clothes on True Blood, one item has lasted through it all. BON TEMPS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!

  2. FIFTY SHADES OF JAY: Jason has landed himself in some precarious spots over the years on True Blood.

  3. Tired of seeing Pam in chains on True Blood Season 7.

  4. A job very well done, cast of Downton Abbey. Following the on-set snafu of a water bottle appearing in the background of a Season 5 promotional picture this week, the stars of this smash ITV drama have gathered for a different kind of photo op.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pam, but she has got to help a brother out! This is like the 4th time we’ve seen her get caught and held as leverage against Eric on True Blood Season 7.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but it looked like Sarah was almost preparing to swap spit with Eric when he leaned in here on the penultimate episode of True Blood. Wanna lick? SYKE!

  8. Back to Blonde… Loved this throwback to True Blood Season 2 when Pam did Eric’s hair.

  9. Still can’t believe this from True Blood. I mean, imagine how that went down in the writer’s room. “Yeah, the titty twister sounds great, but we should have Violet threaten Jess with this thing.” Then holds up a doodle he’s been working on during the creative meeting.

  10. The crow flies straight but not fast enough as we “patiently” wait for Sons of Anarchy Season 7

  11. Sam and Dean before they hit it big on Supernatural.

  12. Mike Birbiglia is going from the stage to the slammer. The (hilarious!) stand-up comedian has landed a role on Orange is the New Black Season 3, according to The Hollywood Reporter, although further details are being kept under wraps at the moment.

  13. It only took one episode for Starz to be sure about Outlander. The network announced today that it has picked up this time-traveling drama for a second, 13-episode season. It will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s second Outlander novel, “Dragonfly in Amber.”

  14. Bill choosing to not drink the cure on True Blood.

  15. Imagine how proud Sybil would be of her loves; husband and daughter on Downton Abbey Season 5. Sob!