1. There will be blood…Robin Taylor as Penguin on Gotham.

  2. Alyssa Milano bows out of Mistresses for Season 3 despite its renewal.

    "After two wonderful seasons in Los Angeles, the studio has decided to shoot Season 3 of Mistresses in Vancouver, Canada for financial reasons," Alyssa Milano wrote on her official website. "It’s with a heavy heart that I have decided that I can’t relocate."

  3. HOUSE OF LIES SEASON 5 kicks off January 11th and will follow Marty’s brief stint in white collar prison, one that left Jeannie to pick up the pieces of the now tainted Kaan & Associates with Clyde and Doug.

  4. SHAMELESS SEASON 5 premieres Sunday January 11th and will focus on the Gallaghers adjusting to their neighborhood as it begins a move towards gentrifying, according to the official synopsis, as clan “begins to reconcile their chaotic past in the hopes of building a better future.”

  5. Hell hath no fury like Fish Mooney scorned on Gotham.

  6. Locked and loaded for Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 2.

  7. Under Works Well With Others, don’t expect to see Talia and Kensi based on these pics from the NCIS Los Angeles Season Premiere.

  8. This pic of Sam and Callen trapped on the NCIS Los Angeles premiere calling to mind another time LL was in a watery predicament.

  9. Juice looking like he just ran out of Purell on this pic from Sons of Anarchy Season 7.

  10. Loaded up and ready for an all new Sons of Anarchy this week.

  11. TY Kurt Sutter for Jenna Jameson’s cameo in Skankenstein and combining two of my favorite things… Sons of Anarchy and the literary work of Mary Shelley.

  12. The faces Jax made in this gem of a scene from Sons of Anarchy.

  13. Gemma: You’re father is a good man.

    Sins of our fathers on Sons of Anarchy.

  14. Harvey Bullock bringing a little levity to the dark corners of Gotham.

  15. Gotham tugging at heart strings already just one episode in. Seeing Alfred arrive at the murder scene for Bruce was my favorite part of the premiere.