1. Danny trying to explain away his awkward moment on The Mindy Project.

  2. Peter showing Mindy how to spice things up in the bedroom on The Mindy Project.

  3. Two things I love…Swedish Fish and The Blacklist.

  4. Jane The Virgin followed its premiere with another solid installment. Normally a new show slows down a bit after it’s pilot episode, but not Jane. The storylines continued to spin the complicated web of lies it began creating last week.

  5. Michael Trucco has landed a role on Scandal Season 4. According to ABC sources, the former Cylon on Battlestar Galactica will portray Charlies Putney, the abusive ex-husband of Abby’s who Olivia beat up with a tire iron many years ago.

  6. Peter being Peter but also tugging at our heart strings in this scene on The Mindy Project.

  7. The moment we never saw coming. It was spectacular. Maybe the most epic of this series. Emily Thorne won AND lost everything in one 45 minute episode of Revenge.

  8. "Lefty and Barf" Big Green balling on The Mindy Project.

  9. THANKS! For each scene we are treated to featuring Chibs and Jerry together on Sons of Anarchy.

  10. Charlie has had his fill of meetings and talks with Nucky on Boardwalk Empire.

  11. Sons of Anarchy Theory: In this shot from the next SOA, Jax holds Juice’s cut in his hand. They are standing on the side of the road, in the place Jax’s father John Teller died in 1993. I think he brings Juice to the spot his father died, to give him a new chance at life in the club. A rebirth/resurrection after being dead to the Sons.  Now what will occur to bring this change of heart is still a mystery to me.

  12. Jamie Bamber is headed to NCIS. The former Battlestar Galactica actor (more recently seen on Rizzoli & Isles and Monday Mornings) will stop by a November episode of NCIS Season 12 as Special Agent Ellie Bishop’s husband, NSA lawyer Jake Malloy.

  13. Viewers said yes to Marry Me Season 1 Episode 1 on NBC last night.

    The well-reviewed new comedy opened to 7.8 million readers and a 2.3 rating among 18-49-year olds, solid numbers that led into 6.2  million overall viewers for the About a Boy Season 2 premiere.

  14. Chibs and his Catholic Guilt on Sons of Anarchy Season 7.

  15. Gemma and her spiked boots stranded on Sons of Anarchy Season 7. I would not want to be around her when a nic-fit kicked in.